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Back to the Future Back to the Future

What’s Old is New Again

In a year that started slowly, opened tenuously, evolved excitingly and ended strong, travel gained enthusiastic momentum. A fantastic time in Winter in Yellowstone warmed the way for two of our classic tours this spring, Cape Cod, The Islands & Newport and Charleston and Savannah. More land journeys, small ship and river cruises followed as we welcomed guests, first in the United States, then in Latin America, Europe and Africa. When Canada reopened this fall, our guests eagerly joined us, grateful to once again explore the world next door.

We navigated an ever-changing landscape of restrictions, regulations, stops and starts, but thanks to our colleagues, our guests and our travel partners, 2021 reflected our shared resilience – and rewards, as evidenced by a letter we received from a guest who traveled with us this year.

“We believe we have forged lifelong friendships, and that Tauck has just gained another 6 customers who, like my parents, will be ‘lifetime customers’ who return again and again, and who evangelize to others about just how unique Tauck really is. Again – THANK YOU to all of you.  Please let everyone know – including Arthur Tauck himself – that we appreciate ALL you are doing for us, and that the Tauck legacy was actually enhanced by what could have been a devastating experience.  Arthur is right:  the sights are incredible, the food is epicurean, the special events are epic but it all comes down to this in the end: ‘It’s all how you make us feel!’  And we feel special indeed.”  – Dave Edwards

Testimonies like that never fail to inspire us to raise the bar for our guests as we operate our classic favorites and introduce new journeys in destinations around the world.

The new travel experiences we had planned to debut in 2020 were postponed until this year and next, including the once-in-a-decade floral festivities at Floriade outside of Amsterdam, a village-wide Passion Play 2,000 years in the making, the glacial beauty of Alaska’s Inside Passage, and a nostalgic steamboat ride down the storied Mississippi River, Mark Twain style. We thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you more about them in this last issue of Connections.

Join us as we look forward to an exciting year of travel in 2022 with thanks and gratitude to everyone whose passion for travel continues to enrich our world.


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A Passionate Play Glacial Beauty
A Celebration of Green

Visit Floriade 2022, designed to delight with sustainable horticultural solutions for the future in a living showcase of exhibits from around the world.

A Passionate Play

It takes a village in Oberammergau to put on the Passion Play every ten years and the curtain goes up in 2022!

Glacial Beauty

From a luxury yacht to natural wonders, this new Alaska cruise through the Inside Passage inspires awe onboard and ashore.


The Mighty Mississippi That's Amore
The Mighty Mississippi

Cruise back in time to the days when paddle wheelers and steamboats plied the storied waters of the Mississippi River.

That’s Amore

No one loves families quite like Tauck Bridges and the people of Italy who can’t wait to share their traditions with the kids!



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Salute to Our Suppliers

Rolling the red carpet out for Tauck guests is just a hint of the warm welcomes our partners have in store for our guests.

Their Irish Eyes Are Smiling

What makes our visit to Ireland’s historic  Ashford Castle a royal treat? Find out from our Irish hosts themselves!

A Real-Life Greek Odyssey

With help from an army of heroes along the way, our Greek cruises charted quite a course for adventure this summer.


Taking the Wheel

Making sure there aren’t any bumps – or floods – in the road, our motorcoach driver goes above and beyond to help ensure a great trip.

Go Inside Tauck

Starring our own talented host, insideTauck webinars virtually connect interested travelers to a variety of local experts and Tauck Directors around the world.



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Wild Things Joyful Moments
They Have Our Guests at Hello

Meet the friendly voices on the phone, answering calls with good cheer, great information and genuine care for our guests.

Wild Things

Wildlife all over the world had a field day when they came out to play while we were away; catch a glimpse of them here.

Joyful Moments

Happiness comes in all things great and small at Tauck; see what our colleagues are celebrating this year.


A Tribute to Tauck Directors Leadership in Travel
A Tauck Director Tribute

Join us as we say a heartfelt thank you to our Tauck Directors, often called the best part of the trip by guests!

Leadership in Travel

Staying up to date with global travel leaders and championing industry initiatives enrich the world of travel.



Issue 1 of 4

A Special Year Winter in Yellowstone Avignon
A Special Year

After an unprecedented year on pause, nothing could stop us – or our guests – from venturing out into the world again. Watch it all unfold here.

Winter in Yellowstone

According to Tauck guest Stan Speth, this national park trip was just what the doctor ordered to refresh his spirit for adventure.

An Unexpected Adventure

Her Rhône river cruise and stay in Avignon were positive experiences all around for Doreen Bieryla who shares her unexpected story here.


Oktoberfest with Tauck Friends on tour Guest Stories
When Life Hands You Lemons…

Making travel magic is a specialty of our Tauck Directors, who pulled out all the stops this year to resurrect Oktoberfest in Munich for our guests.

Travel + Tauck = Lifetime Friends

Of the many rewards of travel, the connections our guests make on tour are the ones we treasure most!

Celebrating Guests

Their photos and their smiles speak volumes about our guests’ pure delight in being able to travel with us again in 2021 and we couldn’t be happier!

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