On The Road Again

On The Road Again On The Road Again

From all of us at Tauck, we wish you joy during the holidays and health and happiness in the New Year. As the calendar pages turn to 2021, we look forward to once again traveling together. We are appreciative of your continued faith in Tauck, your optimism for better days to come, and your unwavering desire to pursue your travel dreams.

Travel has always brought our world together. We meet people from many places and we improve our mutual understanding and respect for our different cultures and varied ways of life. In the end, we’re all human and the smiles, conversations, deeper learnings and appreciations are central to what makes our journeys so meaningful and memorable.

The resumption of travel will unite our world in unique and unprecedented ways. Strong and respectful relationships have been central to our company for over nine decades, and they have been particularly meaningful this year. A spirit of hospitality, of warmth and welcoming will be happening in destinations the world over. Heartfelt messages that we’ve received from our travel partners speak to the day they can once again welcome Tauck guests; you’ll find that they have missed you as much as you have missed the journeys that take you to them – a welcome unlike anything you have experienced before. You will be a pioneer for travel and an ambassador for the world reconnecting yet again.

Dan Mahar

As our family-owned and led company enters our 96th year, we are focused on a brighter travel future ahead. We all experienced many “losses” this year – of time, experiences, and basic freedoms. At the same time, it is important that we are always open to seeing the good and beauty in our world. It’s not easy at times, but it is there. We are optimistic that life’s blessings we have missed will return. We remain committed, more than ever, to being a positive force for good in our world and for enabling all of us to experience the joys, wonder, and delight of travel; when you are ready, we look forward to having you join us once again.

Travel like you remembered it – only better.

Warmest wishes for the New Year,

Dan Mahar



The Art of Going Small A Grand Rail Adventure National Parks
The Art of Going Small

In 2021, you’ll find more small group departures, averaging just 24 Tauck guests, for a more personal travel experience.

A Grand Rail Adventure:
Milan, the Alps & Vienna

A story about the timeless elegance aboard a classic rail journey through Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein.

Inside the National Parks

96 years of expertise and valued local partnerships, deep connections, and exceptional access within the national parks of the US and Canada.


The Douro River Treasures of the Mediterranean Isles Southern Africa
Douro River

Three new river cruises for 2021 on Portugal’s Douro River – winemaking, pastry and what’s behind the name of our ship, the Andorinha.

Treasures of the
Mediterranean Isles

Our newest small ship cruise is actually our original 1993 Mediterranean cruise, reimagined for a new decade and a new year in cruising.

South Africa

Culture, safari, history and culinary discoveries – an up-close look behind the scenes on journeys to South Africa.

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  1. We continue to enjoy stories from Tauck. When family and friends mention vacation time, we always refer them to Tauck.
    Those who have taken our advice and toured with Tauck have always mentioned the very enjoyable trips and the friends they met and continue to contact.
    We cannot travel as much as we’d like to, so we vicariously delight in other’s adventures.

    The Serxners

  2. We have traveled with Tauck Four times I have always been more than pleased. Looking forward to many more adventures

  3. We;Sally and I, have enjoyed traveling to many places on this earth over the last 50 years and hope to do more when restrictions are eased. Your mussings about life and travel give us hope that we will be able to make travel plans a gain in the near future. Happy New Year to the Tauck Organization in what will hopefully be a prosperous 2021. Howard & Sally H.