North America’s National Parks – A Powerful Emotional Connection

National Parks National Parks

Exploring North America’s national parks is an emotional experience. You could be watching the sun rise in places like the Grand Canyon, tinting sandstone walls with hues of pink and orange. Or watching the sun set in Zion National Park, where canyons change colors before your eyes. You could be hiking, bicycling, river rafting, flightseeing, or horseback riding. Learning the stories of rock formations millions of years old – or seeing a herd of bison, a once-endangered wolf or a clockwork geyser in Yellowstone. You might be seeing a giant 275-foot-tall sequoia in Yosemite for the first or the 20th time, or discovering what unwinding in the solitude of the Canadian Rockies truly means – a visit with friends or family to the National Parks is always emotional, and it never gets old.

95 years ago, Tauck’s first motor coach tour embarked on a new adventure through the byways of New England, exploring mountains and coastlines – and sites that today are part of the National Park System, from national parks to national monuments, national lakeshores and more. We treasure our longstanding partnerships with the National Park Service; with our hotel partners inside the parks (some going back 50+ years); with local folks who are experts in their fields; with filmmaker Ken Burns, who shares the same longtime passion for the national parks and created Ken Burns American Journeys with us. We invite you to join us and raise a glass in celebration as we look forward to the next 95 years!


America’s Best Idea
Ken Burns American Journeys


Tauck and the National Parks


Yellowstone in Winter
Ken Burns American Journeys


Traveling Aboard Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer


Tauck Bridges Family Journeys

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