Zooming In With Our Guests

Zooming with Guests Zooming with Guests

Staying connected with our guests is important to all of us at Tauck, especially our Tauck Directors! Our TDs contacted over 500 guests via Zoom to check-in, chat, reunite friends, provide a little comfort and enjoy some laughs during a challenging time. The groups shared memories and photos of the tours they shared together. They spoke of their excitement and desire for travel to be possible again. They even cooked together! Our guests were so grateful for the opportunity and our tour directors were reminded of how much they love their work.



Pictured above, a Zoom reunion held by Tauck Directors Rob White and Allison Stoyles with one of their groups from a trip to Sicily, the Amalfi Coast and Rome. Reliving their 2019 Tauck journey with 26 guests over Zoom on a chilly day in April, Rob and Allison recount the experience:

“Our reunion was pure “feel good”. The guests felt re-connected to us, each other and to the memories of our tour – it took them back to our tour, and transported them out of isolation. We didn’t forget about you – and you didn’t forget about us – is the feeling I was left with and I’m so glad to have been a part of it. As we do on tour in times of crisis or challenge – we look after our guests. We are known for and respected for this…our guests say it again and again. This was the same.”Rob White

“As TDs, we get so used to all of the amazing experiences we have on tour, and hearing about it through the stories and the memories that the guests were sharing was awesome and made me really appreciate how fortunate we are to work for Tauck in this industry!! It made me feel so fortunate we are able to create these experiences for the guests, take part in them myself, and long to get back out there on tour (let’s hope we get back to that soon!).”Allison Stoyles


Zoom Reunion


“These calls were a BLAST! I just loved reconnecting with previous guests. I would be more than happy to hold more of these reunions in the future!”David Womersley


Silvana Lusso

“We’re privileged. I had two of my local guides come along. These guides told me that they felt so much better after the reunion with guests. Our suppliers miss us all as much as we miss them. We impact so many lives! It was lovely to get all that warmth.” The idea that this does people good is just wonderful! For some, it has been one of the few social contacts they’ve had.” – Silvana Lusso


“Seeing their faces ‘live’ and experiencing their joy and good memories triggered so many of my own. I started remembering little things that happened on tour that might‘ve been lost forever if they hadn’t been rekindled by this kind of personal reunion. I’m ending my week with a full heart, grateful for all of these connections, rich experiences, and life lessons that have been granted by having the privilege of leading these tours.  I think when we get ‘operational’ again, there is going to be renewed energy in my directing!” Terry Portwood


It was awesome! Was a lovely experience. Made me miss traveling with our guests so much more…This is too much fun… I would do that all day every day. Everyone was so happy. It made me feel alive and made me miss the job.”Xavier Brunelle


I had a great time on the calls and it made me realize how much I miss TD’ing! – Leah Iverson


Leah Iverson


“This group is very connected. They have a bimonthly email “newsletter” they send out to each other and myself, so they know about each other’s families and things that are going on. For this reason, the talk was mainly about family situations. It was fantastic and it went on for 2 hours.”Rachel Cirincione (below, left)


Rachel Cirincione

Если Вам требуется займ на карту без отказа уже сегодня, то здесь вы всегда сможете подобрать лучший вариант.
А, вот рассматривать вариант быстрого кредита – микрозайм, в качестве выхода, то ситуация становится не такой печальной.
Или ещё один тренд 2020 года, займы без отказа наличными или на карту, отлично себя показал на рынке.
И мне бы очень не хотелось переплачивать за микрозайм на карту именно сейчас, так как очень жаль денег.

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  1. We are fortunate to have traveled with Tauck. Seeing Silvana brought back wonderful memories.
    She made our trip to Spain and Portugal spectacular. The local guides added so much. She & her coach driver treated us to a tapas lunch at a little out of the cafe and everyone had so much fun. Her first and only priority was our enjoyment and learning about the history and culture. Every trip, except for 2 we have never been disappointed with our experience. We miss it!! We hope Silvana and all the Tauck crew
    Stay healthy and happy. Thank you Silvana