Thanksgiving, 2022

Fall Foliage in New England Fall Foliage in New England

Living in New England, near to Plimoth Plantation and Norman Rockwell’s iconic “Freedom from Want” painting, I could be tempted to think of this American holiday as only one of peaceful welcome, family gatherings, ample meals and football.

This year, for me and for all of us at Tauck, Thanksgiving means much more.

As travel has robustly returned in 2022, you – our valued patrons – traveled on thousands of trips in more than 60 countries on all seven continents. We saw your joy in your photos and videos. We met you with a warm welcome and delight. We cheered your excitement to be traveling again. You planned trips for 2023 and perhaps even 2024.

We know travel was not always easy: luggage was lost, restrictions often changed, Covid remained stubbornly present, and hoteliers, airlines and, truly, all in tourism and hospitality struggled to rebuild staff and service to match the unprecedented recovery in travel.  Lucky to be out on the road meeting our guests and partners this year, I saw much of this first hand.

Each time I pack my bag again, I think about a year ago, when the world was just beginning to travel again. I think about the enthusiastic response you all have had. I think about the kudos letters you sent. I think about the stories and the smiles on the faces of those of you I met this year. I think about how hard our team worked to bring your long-awaited dreams to life. I think of this, and I am grateful. We all at Tauck are grateful. We feel honored and blessed that you kept your travel dreams alive with us.

On this American Thanksgiving when we can again celebrate the freedom to travel, thank you for being part of our family.

Jennifer TombaughMay your loved ones be safe and well, and may your tables be abundant with laughter and joy,

Jennifer Tombaugh

Jennifer Tombaugh, President



ThanksgivingThe origins of America’s Thanksgiving are most often associated with the settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts; Plimoth Patuxet shared with us some behind-the-scenes stories – and original recipes from the 1600s – to enrich our Thanksgiving holiday. The recipes are still timely today – take a look!

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer. I don’t expect tourism to return to its previous standards for a while. I’m just so pleased to be traveling again. My heart is with the travel and hospitality industry as it recovers. Thank you, Tauck. Yes, a few minor limitations but Tauck tours are as excellent as ever. (Two tours in 2022, two booked for 2023!)

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanksgiving to you and all of your family and to all those great Tauck folks/friends! We so appreciate all you wrote here…so glad to be again enjoying travel with you.

    2023 will be our first year taking two trips, the first on the Rhône in late May, then Edinburg to Glasgow via small ship and Shetland Islands. Man! We’ll be bank-poor but all the richer!

  3. Beautifully written Jennifer. Once again, so proud- and thankful to be part of the Tauck Family.
    Wishing you and your family also a peaceful and yummy Thanksgiving filled with laughter and joy:)
    Marcy W.

  4. Thank you for the email and the 2023 travel book you sent to us, by land and fly to Europe and USA…….the one that include Switzerland, classic Italy, Germany
    May I request to send a copy again to us?!
    We gave the book as a loan to a neighbor.
    Thank you.
    Enjoy the turkey gobble gobble gobble.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you Jennifer and the Tauck family as well. I loved all my travels with Tauck in the past (42 of them. 🙂 and New England was one of the best. Each year I always hand the Norman Rockwell and Tauck’s calendars side by side on the wall next to the PC where I am now sitting. Just a daily reminder of all the pleasures both have given me through the years. 🙂

    Best wishes always, my friend. 🙂