Stories of Wine & Gems in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa

It is no wonder that South Africa’s stories are epic. They mesmerize with the Big Five out of books and films from the imagination of Kruger National Park. They humble with the story of those who shaped, and lived, the country’s history – dynamic, complex, hopeful and stirring. They thunder in the presence of nature’s magnificent coastal shores, mountains, waterfalls or seasonal savanna habitat, and soothe day’s end under the beautiful night sky and stars, unequaled anywhere.

South Africa is known for many things, including wine and precious gemstones. South Africa: An Elegant Adventure includes an evening in the Winelands at Steenberg Farm, the Cape’s first farm and oldest registered farm (1682), for a wine-pairing dinner. South Africa is renowned the world over for its award-winning wines, and we’ve shared a podcast below that explores what makes the country’s wine so well respected.

Art, diamond and gemstone expert Clare Appleyard joined us for an insideTauck presentation that provided a fascinating look inside South Africa’s City of Gold and the rich diamond and gemstone heritage of Southern and Eastern Africa. Clare, a longstanding Tauck partner in South Africa, spoke about the origin of diamonds, a culture built on the discovery of gold, and how these precious gemstones are shared around the world.


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