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Experiencing North America and Europe: Food and Wine edition


Dictionaries define tasting as “distinguishing the flavor of by taking into the mouth; to eat or drink a small quantity of; to partake of, especially for the first time; to experience; to perceive as if by the sense of taste; and to appreciate or enjoy.” Put them all together in destinations that inspire creativity and passion, and the cuisine and wine of Europe and North America become a feast of cultural specialties. We invite you to join us for a look at a few of our favorites –



Foods of the Iberian Peninsula

Tapas and beyond, Spain & Portugal


When exploring the great culinary traditions of Spain and Portugal, tapas are usually among the first food from these countries that we experience in our home destinations. But when you travel there… you discover a veritable cornucopia of culinary traditions that influenced cuisine the world over. Take a look at what you’ll discover with Tauck in Foods of the Iberian Peninsula – and then discover more about Pinxtos and Pesticos.

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Baguettes, fromage, crêpes, chocolat – it’s all about France

Bon appétit!


When it comes to food and wine and a destination to tie all three in together, France comes first to mind. We’ve put together a short video with a behind-the-scenes look at some of our favorite France culinary and wine experiences, from Paris to vineyards. Whether it’s the learnings imparted by an acclaimed chef about the fine art of French cuisine, unlocking the secrets of French wine at a family vineyard, or a trip to the market – food and wine in France is a revelation.




An amazing underground Italian restaurant

Discover Matera, Italy

Throughout Europe, where you enjoy food and wine is a memorable part of your travel experience. Whether it’s a castle, château or palace – a family-owned farm, pub or local restaurant – authentic dining experiences create those moments that become stories shared for years to come. One such place is Baccanti Ristorante, nestled in a cave in Old Town, Matera, Italy – a perfect setting for fine Italian wine and fresh local ingredients on A Week In… Puglia. Take a look at the highlights, along with some other content that provides an in-depth view of the city’s ancient heritage.

Learn more about the Baccanti Ristorante





History, stories, and an in-depth look at a world favorite wine




When it comes to great stories, Châteauneuf-du-Pape contains just about every element you look for – a rich history that covers everything from historical relevance to grapes and the vineyard landscapes. The famous rounded stones of Châteauneuf-du-Pape are unique to the terroir – learn more about the Rhône River and their unusual story, along with a look at the region’s history. À votre santé!

Learn more about Châteauneauf-du-Pape






Santa Fe Cooking School – Virtual Cooking Class

Southwestern cuisine – it’s all about traditions


The Santa Fe School of Cooking is one of our longtime partners in the Southwest, 20+ years – and a guest favorite on New Mexico: Land of Enchantment. Exclusively for Tauck, they’ve put together a cooking demonstration – Virtual Cooking Class: Blue Corn & Green Chile Muffins and Green Chile Stew. Chef Michelle Chavez has a special message for Tauck – and a little taste of the Southwest in a cooking class that will inspire your creativity!

Warm, spicy tastes and enticing aromas evoke Santa Fe’s rich cultural traditions. This class allows you to experience the school’s delicious cuisine, including local cooking techniques enhanced with stories that bring out the lore of the region – along with classic New Mexican green chile stew and blue corn and green chile muffins! You’ll find a recipe card and a list of ingredients at:

And if you’re interested in visiting their online market celebrating the foods of New Mexico, they’re extending readers of The Compass $5 off their purchase by using the code Tauck




Travel Journal of a Royal Chef

Carolyn Robb, former chef to Princess Diana


Ice Cream

Our food and wine edition wouldn’t be complete without the next entry in Carolyn Robb’s (Princess Diana’s former executive chef and Tauck global partner) Travel Journal of a Royal Chef, where she shared behind-the-scenes stories from her many travels. This week she recounts the “storybook English summer holiday” shared by the Prince of Wales, Princess Diana and a very young William and Henry on Tresco Island in the Islands of Scilly – and a recipe for “Quick Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream,” no ice cream machine required!

Read her full story






Let’s Go There

U.S. Travel Association


Tauck is proud to be a member and active supporter of the U.S. Travel Association. Together with our peers across the industry – from hotels and transportation providers, to airlines and small businesses in all 50 states – we support America through the power of travel. We are working together to prepare for the future, ensuring your trips are safe and healthy.

Nothing is more exciting than planning your next travels – planning, and anticipation, fulfills a need for something to look forward to. Your journey begins the moment you decide to go somewhere; to get inspired, to save a date, to book a trip. To decide to visit that destination you’ve always wanted to experience. With 20+ journeys across North America in 2021, there’s never been a better time to explore the United States with Tauck. Join us by looking forward and making plans, because when the time is right for you, we’ll be ready. #letsmakeplans

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  1. Love everything in this article! It was shared by a friend, and I would love to go to all of these places, particularly France which is in the plans for next year post pandemic, God willing.