Brightening Our World

Brightening Our World Brightening Our World
Jennifer Tombaugh
From the desk of Jennifer Tombaugh, President

In April, we began to realize the global severity and the industry impact of COVID-19 and Dan Mahar spoke of Tauck’s “porchlight” that would remain on to welcome our guests again.  Since then, I found an additional light: it comes in every email, call or note from our guests. Each has been a beacon to me. I hear in their voice and read in their words the hope that travel brings.  It might be a destination that they so wanted to see, a friend they wanted to travel with, a dream experience – like Oberammergau – that they’ve waited literally years to have. It’s been heartbreaking, of course, and yet their continued faith and belief in Tauck continues to inspire me. No matter how awful this year, I still feel that I have the best job in the world, because of the team we have and the amazing guests we are lucky to be able to serve. I am forever grateful for them, and I cannot wait to start welcoming them again.

I would like to thank our guests for the words of encouragement and support during these unprecedented times. It means everything to us. It keeps us going and is the reason behind everything we do at Tauck. Arthur Tauck always calls these letters “bouquets” because of the happiness they bring to us. I am honored to share a few of our guest bouquets here.



Tauck North America & Europe 2021
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Wally Wallace


Grateful for your brochures

“As I was sitting in my house (sequestered because of COVID-19), I saw your very nice brochure on North America & Europe – 2021.  I want you to know how much I appreciate these brochures that I get from you. They help me maintain some degree of sanity.  I love looking at them and thinking about our great past trips with Tauck and reading about our future trips with Tauck.”

– Wally Wallace



Treasured memories last forever

“In this challenging world today I wish to sincerely hope that all your staff and travellers remain safe, with ongoing prayers for the world to become a better place. THANK YOU for a holiday of a lifetime. Wish we could do it all over again!!! Fond regards always.”

– Catherine & Les Bryant


John & Maridel Moulton


The long view

“Taking the long view we are focusing on what we are grateful for in life and looking forward to again seeing the world with the best Tour Directors and guides, the most exceptional service from booking to disembarking, and delightful travel companions as we continue to travel with Tauck.”

– Maridel and John Moulton 



Traveling with Tauck is like winning the lottery

“Just finished a call with Mrs. Casale, dealing with their canceled tour. She wanted me to know and to let everyone at Tauck know that she and Mr. Sosis have 6 other Tauck tours coming up, and are both overwhelmed by the way Tauck has been handling this situation. She said they were sitting at their kitchen table and saying that they feel as if they won the lottery! That’s what she said, they feel they won the lottery by traveling with Tauck! They are beyond grateful and wish us all the best! Needless to say I teared up. I thanked her from all of us and said to her that messages like these are keeping us going.”

– Ralitsa D’Orazi | Reservation Sales Counselor | Tauck


Joe Amato


A gift that keeps giving

“I have taken 7 of your tours. After taking my first Tauck tour, I sang such high praises about Tauck to my employer that he decided to take a tour. Needless to say, he was hooked. He loved Tauck so much, that whenever anyone retires, he would gift them a Tauck tour!”

– Joe Amato





Elephant SanctuaryGuest Bouquets

“We will be traveling with Tauck come he**, high water or pandemic!”

“Tauck is my medicine.”

“Please cut welcome food in half before the dinner and announce not to eat much at first.”

“Traveling with Tauck is the highlight of my whole life!”

“Loved zip lining – it was way at the edge of my comfort zone.”

“Liked seeing the goats in trees.”

“This trip was beyond the sights – it was spiritual.”

“Liked the time spent INSIDE Yellowstone Park; loved it again – third time!!!”

“Do you have to be super nice to work at Tauck?”

“Tauck Directors often give out big chunks of information – warn us to get a pen and paper out!”

“Tauck is the best company in the world. The Blue Danube was the best trip I’ve ever taken. I fell in love with my wife again.”

“Liked dog sledding, geysers, beauty – I just filled my bucket list almost to the top.”

“My son wants to take your TD home with us!”

“I want you to know that Tauck has enriched our lives every time we travel with you. We trust you completely and will continue to travel with you when everything rights itself.”

“You do everything right, that’s why we will continue to travel with you in the future.”

“You may be losing business right now, but you are not losing customers.”

“My wife is not a fan of traveling, but when we do it is only with Tauck.”

“That is so Tauck-ish! Tauck always does the right thing for their customers!”

Hang in there, we look forward to our next trip with Tauck.”

German Parliament




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  1. We have been traveling with Tauck since 2007 when we went to China with Annie Dowling. Not only did we discover how lovely it was to be taken care of but we made life long friends along the way. We have taken many other trips with Tauck and not only have we had top notch tour leaders on every trip but have made friends that we see or are in touch with on each trip. We were supposed to be with Tauck in Australia and New Zealand this October…canceled twice but have rebooked for a third time.
    Thank you for all you have contributed to our lives, congratulations on 95 years…keep it up.

    • We have traveled to the ends of the earth with Tauck. We traveled Australia and New Zealand and it was so wonderful that we then traveled to China two years later. Again, every aspect of our Tauck travel was perfect. Last year, we went to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos with Tauck and we can not say enough about how very special each of these trips have been. We will be back when travel is safe again. Thank you for everything.

  2. My husband and I have taken 2 Tauck trips !
    One was an elegant adventure to Africa,,and the other to Chile Argentina, and Patagonia !
    Both were absolutely superb, magnificently executed and beyond any words that I could possibly find to express our satisfaction and wonder
    We were hoping to plan another soon . Your brochures and emails have inspired us and given us hope to travel again
    Tauck exudes confidence !
    Travel with Tauck is our passion !

  3. We have been traveling with Tauck since 1994. Since then, we have been on about 13 Tauck tours. We have loved them all and continue to book. We were to be in Vienna now for the Christmas on the Danube trip. It is one we have taken already, but we wanted to do it again with our friends. We have rebooked it for next year and look forward to going. Bless you all at Tauck for everything you do for us. It is a privilege to go with you on tours as well as sell it as a travel professional. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  4. My husband and I took 13 Tauck trips before he passed away in 2019. We also took 3 Tauck Bridges tours with our family. It is a wonderful way to travel, leaving us with many wonderful memories. We had booked the London to Paris Bridges trip for 2020, but have rebooked it for 2021 and hope to make it if this COVID curse gets resolved by them. We can’t say enough about Tauck, its caring directors and experiences guides. Our son and his family love to travel and my grandson’ s favorite trips are Rome to Sorrento and The Galápagos Islands.

  5. So sorry everything is put on hold this. year, Have travelled with Tauck about 16 trips. Looking so forward to our trip booked to Australia & New Zealand in October. Tauck is the best .