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Welcome to The Taucker, where you’ll find the rich content of The Compass newsletter, special presentations by our insideTauck team of experts, stories from our resident reporter A. Colin Treadwell, the Porchlight personal messages from CEO Dan Mahar, blog postings, and more. We could think of no better homage to our heritage than by giving this new Tauck collection of content the name of the original Taucker, circa the 1930s.

The Taucker was Arthur Sr.’s company newsletter to his clients – and he personally wrote it. The Tauck name was always mispronounced (a German name, the “au” in German is always pronounced “ow”) – people read “Tauck” and they thought, and said, “Talk.” Arthur Sr. knew that he couldn’t change that – but he was keen to recognize it. So with a twinkle in his eye, he named his newsletter “The Talker,” as his customers viewed it – but spelled it “The Taucker.”

AddressographIn the 1930s, one of Arthur Tauck’s great marketing beliefs was building a customer database that he could use as direct mail above other forms of advertising. To send the Taucker out, he used an address labeler and labeling system called “Addressograph.” The Addressograph machines would emboss the customer address on 1 x 3 inch lead plates which were then inserted into a metal frame that also had a sturdy paper insert containing notations about the customer’s tour history. In the next decade, a 15 year-old Arthur Jr. would come into the office on weekends and stamp the addresses on to those plates. Each issue of the Taucker was then stamped with the guest’s plate to send in the mail. The company used that system for database marketing until 1980 when they programmed their first mainframe computer.

Throughout the years, the Taucker changed its look to reflect the times – but the rich content has remained constant. We’re so pleased to welcome you the Taucker, circa 2020!

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  1. This is new to me. We are retired and travel the world a lot using Viking cruises. This really interests me.

  2. My husband and I love traveling with Tauck! Looking forward to traveling again with Tauck in 2021.
    Growing up I used an Addressograph to make the address plates and print envelopes to do mailings for my families business as well!

  3. We’ve traveled with you many times and look forward to doing so again. In fact, we have a trip to France this fall but don’t have much hope if pulling it off. Keep us on this mailing list.

  4. I’ve no website. I enjoy all Tauck publications and I’ve always pronounced Tauck “Towk”! My wife and I have one regret: we did not travel with Tauck to China! The tour group we chose was simply never in the same league as Tauck. We’ve been, in no order, to Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Israel/Jordan, Alaska, Costa Rica and Cuba. As very venerable vulnerable folk, we can rest on our memories of being members of the superb Tauk family.

  5. I’m a Travel Journalist and Playwright. Looking forward to great reading.
    Can’t wait for our next Tauck adventure. Sharon and Kenny Baker

  6. We have never traveled w Tauck but have SO ENJOYED their articles and videos during this time. We will be traveling w them someday. Thank you for the wonderful distraction.

  7. Tauck remains a premiere travel company in my mind. When I return I am so excited to receive any additional reading material! I will relish reading Taucker.

  8. I have really enjoyed ALL the Tauck tours I have taken….can’t wait for the next one. Pleas sent me the Taucker Newsletter!

  9. My husband and I enjoyed Jill’s lecture this morning on Van Gogh. A wonderful look at nature and the effect it can have on an artist and his work – and Jill’s. I had to leave midway for an appointment and upon my return I found the text on my screen. i have read it and except for missing the paintings she may have shown, I feel I have learned a great deal about her and Van Gogh.
    Thank you for the gift of this lecture. We were on the riverboat trip in France last year, leaving in early August from Monte Carlo. It was a wonderful tour and of course we were treated to seeing the magnificent bulls in Arles. It was a unique experience watching the video playing in the room where we all sat for lunch. I was so pleased that there is no killing of the bulls; the young men have to be so quick to go over the fences and walls to escape harm.
    We are looking forward to being able to travel again with you.

    Myra F.

  10. Loved every trip we took with Tauck but as we are getting older we realize there is too much walking. I have a respiratory problem need a scooter ??? Miss traveling with you . Always the very best.

  11. I love Tauck tours and have been on several . How do I get to see the videos. I am not always available for the live presentations. The Pompeii one was phenomenal.

  12. I would love to listen again to the lecture given about a month ago on The Spice route from Portugal.
    I cannot recall the young ladies name, but she was incredibly informative. Stay safe and thank you

  13. We actually did this trip with Tauck about 8 years ago. It was fabulous. We so enjoyed looking at the information again and seeing Bill and Rob. Thank you very much.

  14. We have enjoyed many Tauck Tours. Unfortunately age has crept in and we can no longer do all the walking. Your tours are far above other tours. We miss them. Good luck with the pandemic-I hope you continue soon. I know many miss them.