Venice Venice

For the world’s most beautiful city, Venice had an inauspicious start. The site was once merely a collection of mudbanks, and the first settlers came as refugees fleeing invading enemies of the Roman Empire. But by the opening of the 15th century, Venice had become the leading maritime power in the Mediterranean and possibly the wealthiest city in Europe. Venice’s holdings on the Italian mainland began to turn a profit and in turn, public patronage of the arts was on the rise. In a society as conscious of tradition as Venice, the success of artists depended on their ability to evoke and blend with the glorious past. The golden period of the Serenissima Republic is reflected in the art generated for its churches, confraternities, and palaces. Elaine Ruffolo is an art historian who has been teaching art history in Florence since 1990; her special interests include the history of patronage and the economy of Italian Renaissance city-states, and she has been a key Tauck partner in Italy for over 20 years.

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  1. Thank you Tauck for bringing the world to us while the “stay home…….” order is in place. They are fabulous and occasionally brings tears to our eyes , remembering some of our journeys we have taken. As we are all anxious to begin traveling again, this helps ease the pain of not being able to do so right now.

  2. I always tell other that I travel with Tauck because they treat you as “family” and not like a “customer”.
    Tauck staying in contact with their family with the various emails, presentations, updates show Tauck cares about their family members and makes me glad I’m a part of their family.

  3. Venice – 1000 Years of History presented by Elaine Ruffalo was fabulous! It was so wonderful to hear the history of this city we are so anxious to explore with Tauck next year. Ms. Ruffalo did such a great job of cramming so much into so little time and I was sorry it ended. Thank you, Tauck, for bringing the pleasure of her and the history of Venice to us!