Thank You Arthur

Arthur Tauck Jr Arthur Tauck Jr

Our annual Tauck Directors Seminar last February brought our Wilton Woods home office colleagues together with Tauck Directors from all over the world. It was a fun, memorable week of training, workshops, partner presentations and reconnecting with each other, focusing on planning, learning, storytelling and more – a celebration of everything we enjoy about Tauck and travel. It culminated in a wonderful celebration that included a special thank you tribute to Arthur Tauck filmed by the Tauck Directors that speaks for us all. We thought you might be moved by it as well.



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  1. Thank you for including me in this presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the videos of the the palace, the Ireland cooking visit and of course the thank you and tribute to Arthur.

    Well done, as usual.

  2. So many plans to travel with you 2020 & 2021 – sad the world pandemia cut our dreams short but the memories from traveling with you and your wonderful guides, like Laura & Carmen, thru Spain and Portugal are vivid in my mind & will keep me hopeful for better experiences in the near future.
    Thanks for the armchair travel events through out the last months; looking forward to traveling with you again.

  3. Arthur, Thank you for creating such a wonderful company. As a travel advisor having Tauck Tours as our partner you not only created a world wide family of employees, travelers whom met and made friends but created life long memories for all of us everywhere in the world. My best to you and I still have fond thoughts of meeting Peter and Helicopter hiking in the Buggaboos.

    God Bless and AGAIN thank you!