Spring in Full Bloom

Keukenhof gardens Keukenhof gardens


The word “Spring” conjures images of colorful blooms, evolutionary shades of green on trees – and the word “garden” conjures up a different image for just about everyone – yet both are universal in appeal. There are as many different garden styles, types, uses and designs as there are flowers, vegetables, seeds, and plants to call them home, and their beauty and sustainability is found on all seven continents. Gardens have long been a muse and inspiration for artists and writers, from Impressionist masterpieces in France to the literary gardens found in Alice’s Wonderland, the plays of William Shakespeare, or as immortalized by the world’s great poets. We’ve put together a wonderful look at some of the world’s great gardens along with information on a special event for 2022 – Floriade Expo, the world’s fair of horticulture, celebrated in the Netherlands once every ten years.



FloriadeIn 2022, Floriade is going green to showcase innovative environmental solutions in a 148-acre urban arboretum that’s uniquely sustainable and poised to lay the groundwork for Growing Green Cities of the future. Fittingly built on land reclaimed from the sea, Floriade Expo 2022 comes to life just outside of Amsterdam in a stunning collection of trees, shrubs, plants, crops and flowers from over 40 countries that are exhibiting their prized plantings here. Our river cruises visiting Floriade offer an opportunity to explore as you please. Meet experts who share insights about growing green cities. Discover an encyclopedia of trees in the Arboretum, alphabetically ordered and donated from growers around the world. View international exhibits that demonstrate state of the art practices in food production and renewable energy. Stroll through gardens and green structures that highlight the contributions they make to a healthy living environment and learn about their roles for the future of our cities. Tastings, talks and entertainment enriches your experience throughout; river cruises include Cruising Dutch Waterways, Budapest to Amsterdam by Riverboat, The Rhine and Moselle, and Belgium & Holland in Spring.



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