Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo first took place in 1950 – and for 70 years had never had a performance cancelled until this year, 2020; it is with great anticipation that plans for 2021 are now in place. The Tattoo takes place in August – and on departures of our trips visiting Scotland during that time, Tauck guests get the best seats in the performance venue, those facing Edinburgh Castle. Take a look for yourself at the amazing spectacle of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – and read a recap from Tauck Director Stephen Fischer that really brings the experience to life!

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is absolutely a “must” on any traveler’s list – and Tauck Director Stephen Fischer shares a memory of one experience on a cold, rainy evening:

“Just a few years ago, my group arrived in Edinburgh in a gray, drizzly, cold, typically Scottish weather pattern. We had our city tour that morning, enjoyed dinner at the Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile – but everyone seemed not only jet-lagged, but chilled and less than enthusiastic. We made our way to the esplanade outside of Edinburgh Castle where the Tattoo takes place, and everyone got bundled up in their warm jackets and the ponchos which I obtained for the group. The moment the music started, and the bands from all over the world marched into the stadium, the mood immediately changed from one of waiting to go back to the warm, dry hotel to ‘Oh my goodness, this is why I came!’ We left the arena after the full program and I heard nothing but the warmest compliments for the show, Tauck’s arrangements, and the entire experience, including the haunting “Lone Piper” appearance on the parapets of Edinburgh Castle at the end of the program.”


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