Inside Royal Delft: Meet the Painter

Inside Royal Delft Inside Royal Delft

Royal DelftYou’re invited to join us for a unique look at the hand painted artistry of Royal Delft through the eyes of Painter, Laurens van der Velden, during a live on-location interview in Delft conducted by Edo Anceaux, Manager of Tourism for Royal Delft.

Canal ringed and painted into history as the birthplace of artistry, quintessentially Dutch, the Netherlands city of Delft brings the beauty of the Golden Age into the present day. Here, amidst historic charms that date back centuries, you’ll find the Royal Delft factory still turning out the iconic blue and white hand painted porcelain that it first debuted in 1653. World famous today, it speaks volumes about the master artists who train inside the factory for eight years before being given license to design and decorate the earthenware in Royal Delft tradition.

You’ll learn, step by step, what it takes to be anointed as a Master Painter for Royal Delft, the only remaining delft factory in the Netherlands. Discover the timeless techniques and trade secrets of a skilled artist whose freehand designs beautifully exemplify the high quality and style of Delft blue pottery. And feel the passion and pride that is painted into every distinctive piece.

We look forward to seeing you inside Royal Delft!







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