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Palais Pallavicini Palais Pallavicini

Royal life on the Danube

When the road you travel is the Danube, it’s enchanting – eclectic river landscapes, vestiges of civilizations past, romantic villages – and so often just “around the bend in the river,” magnificent castles, palaces, royal fortresses or royal residences reign. Centuries of tales and legends are intertwined with history, inseparable in the stories throughout time along the Danube. Two of our longstanding partnerships are with Palais Pallavicini in the Imperial city of Vienna, and Lobkowicz Palace in Prague. The Pallavicini family’s deep European roots date as far back as the 10th century; they acquired Palais Pallavicini, a Baroque legend in the heart of Vienna, in 1842 – and it is still family owned today. They’ve partnered with us for many years, creating a magical evening in their palace for our guests – a silver service dinner in a gilded ballroom, transporting you to another time and place. Once one of Bohemia’s most prominent noble families, the Lobkowicz were forced to flee their homeland twice under both the Nazi and Communist regimes, returning to reclaim their confiscated possessions, with the mission to preserve, study, and share them with the world – and our exclusive dinner in 16th-century Lobkowicz Palace immerses in an evening of classical treasures. You’ll find a video introduction to Lobkowicz Palace, as well as documentaries about a few of the other notable palaces in Budapest, Vienna and Dürnstein, inside – a glimpse into royal life along the Danube.


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