From Tauck President, Jennifer Tombaugh aboard ms Andorinha

ms Andorinha ms Andorinha

A short message from our President, Jennifer Tombaugh, aboard the inaugural sailing of our newest riverboat, the ms Andorinha – August 2021


Срочные займы на карту без залога и поручителей по ссылке доступны для круглосуточно для всех категорий населения.
Или ещё один тренд 2020 года, займы без отказа наличными или на карту, отлично себя показал на рынке.
Если не нужен кредит в миллион рублей, а нужены просто 10-15 тысяч до зарплаты, то займ всегда будет выходом.

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  1. Thank you to Jennifer for her letter and the short video which did give us reassurance on our forthcoming cruise in Portugal beginning 9th, September 21. We have decided to go ahead with our cruise and look forward to our 11th, Tauck holiday.
    Anne and Maurice Smith.

  2. When and where must masks be worn? Please cover all aspects of the tour e.g., on the ship, on buses, in restaurants and bars, etc.

    Thank you.

  3. I’d like to thank both Dan(CEO) and Jennifer(President) for your wonderful Videos. After seeing Dan’s last week, we booked the “Exploring the Douro, and Lisbon and Madrid.”
    Tauck has always lived up to what we experience on their Tours. So looking forward to this trip after the last year+ of staying home. Can’t wait!!!

  4. Jennifer –
    I enjoyed your video. We are so excited for our October trip on the Douro. We love Tauck river cruises and have really missed traveling.

    Terri D.

  5. Very nice that Tauck took the time to ease their travelers. I’m excited without a worry.

    ey nice that Tauck cared enough to put travelers at ease

  6. Thanks for the letter and the video. Tauck has always been a trusted travel partner and we are confident that we will be fine on this trip. Thanks so much because this was a great comfort.

  7. Thank you for putting my mind at ease! So looking forward to our trip from Milan to Vienna via train in October❤️

  8. Jennifer…The excitement builds! Thank you for your letter and video. The Andorinha looks beautiful. My granddaughter and I are eagerly awaiting mid October and our cruise.

  9. Thank you for making me (us) feel welcome again on a Tauck trip. We will “get back to traveling” this Yuletide in the Netherlands and then retrace your steps on the Andorinha next June. What can I say other than…it’s been too long! Many thanks for this.

  10. Thank you for the video. I have a trip scheduled starting in Sept. I have traveled with Tauck before and I know you will take good care of us. Thanks again. Pat Tencza

  11. We have only taken 14 tours with Tauck, but feel like a part of this travel family. We trust Tauck will always provide the best travel experience for the money but the professionalism and warmth of staff sets this company far above others. We hope to take two or three more Tauck tours before year ends.

  12. Thanks you for the informative email and the video. So happy to be very soon traveling abroad again !!!! Thanks very much to Tauck for being there to provide the world I adore – travel! Can’t wait