Grizzly Bears: A Year in the Life

Grizzly Bears Grizzly Bears

Exclusively created for Tauck with BBC Earth

Earth’s most fascinating creatures call the world of nature “home.” Charlotte Jones, of BBC Earth, introduces a fascinating profile of the Grizzly Bear – strong and powerful, yet often quiet and gentle; they live 25 years on average and can weigh up to 900 pounds. In this vignette you’ll follow grizzly bears who live along the northern Pacific coast; they are omnivores, their life cycle supported by hibernation during winter months – and the annual summer salmon run. For additional information, we’ve put together a collection of videos, documentaries, and podcasts that delve into the many aspects of “hibernation.”


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  1. These vignettes are informative, beautifully photographed. They fill a need for those of us who cannot travel at this time. Kudos to Tauck for this creative idea!